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DominoQQ – Tips for Beginners

DominoQQ – Tips for Beginners

While playing domino qq online has some similarities to the offline game, there are also many things about the game that are different.

These tips will help you get a handle on those differences, and play the game as well or even better than you do offline.


Choose the right online casinos — Do your research to make sure the online casinos you register with are reputable, for example https://omqiuqiu.com/. You can find this information in an online forum populated by other domino qq online players.


Register with several casinos — The biggest mistake beginning domino qq online make is in only registering with one casino.

Many casinos offer registration bonuses, and some give loyalty bonuses every month as well. As these bonuses are free cash to use any way you like, why pass up money by limiting yourself to just one casino?


Play free games before registering — An easy way to test casinos offering domino qq online is to play a few games on their free domino qq software. These games use tokens to play, so there isn’t any real money involved, but they do give you a chance to see how each casinos software works before you spend real money on it.


Speed up your gameplay — Playing domino qq online tends to be a much faster game than it is offline.

If you want to be able to keep up with other players, and compete against the professionals as well, you will need to speed up your game play and your decision making.

Practice at home with friends or family so that, once you do get online to play, you are playing at the same speed as your new online opponents.


Find sites offering large jackpots — Each online casino has rules about the jackpots they offer. Make sure the sites you register on offer large jackpots as, if you win, you may as well when big.


Find out about the minimum deposit amount — Always check an online casino’s minimum deposit amount before registering.

Most sites only require you to deposit a small amount in order to play, but some want a larger chunk of money. Make sure you only register with online casinos mandating the type of deposit you can afford.


Start in lowest stakes games — Once you do begin to play, play the first few days in domino qq rooms offering the lowest stakes possible.

This allows you to get to know the site and some of its players. It also enables you to become comfortable with the software each casino plays its domino qq online on, and helps you decide the casino you are likely to play on the most.

You can move up to higher stakes levels when you are consistently winning in lower stakes rooms.

Remember too, if you do move up and find yourself losing more than not, moving back down is definitely an option.


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